Convincing your employer to send you for a Conference


Conferences are always great things to be part of, and the Information Security Industry has got a lot of amazing conferences to be a part of. But, as part of the companies, we sometimes are still skeptical whether our bosses would be ready to send us to attend these conferences. So here is a list of pointers that you could follow to convince your boss to send you for a Conference.

Firstly, make sure you should be able to explain to your boss what makes this conference so unique and worthwhile. You should know some basic information about the conference such as Title, Location, Date, and Cost and so on before you talk to your boss. Explain your boss about the relevance of the conference with your job. Explain about the conference by showing the event website.

Note that, the cost of attending any conference is most often considerable. The total amount includes Conference registration fee, hotel, and travel costs, so your boss or manager will be in need of serious justification for you to attend. In this case, you can somehow convince them by telling about early-bird pricing (discount on early booking). Getting approval to attend that conference is an endeavor.

Always try to put light on the positive sides of the conference. Most importantly the topic covered in the conference should be relevant to your job role. Your boss will know where you are strong and where you are weak so, you need to carefully select the conference which is relevant to your skillset.

Show them the benefits of attending this conference; also prove that you are the best person to attend this conference from your organization.


Following steps would help you to convince your boss:

  1. Pick up a perfect time to talk to your boss:

This plays very crucial role in convincing your boss, you simply should not go whenever you feel to. Never try to approach your boss when he/she is not in good mood or busy. Your boss should be free to listen to your proposal.


  1. Be clear about your willingness and objectives:

You have to be clear about why you are willing to attend the conference and you should tell your boss about objectives to attend the conference.


  1. Be confident; don’t get panic:

Go with preparations and confidence. Convey your proposal without getting panic. If you are not confident enough, then how will they have confidence on you?


  1. Talk from the perspective of organization’s growth:

Don’t forget, you are part of organisation’s growth. So, each and every point you say should reflect in organisation’s growth.


  1. Be Assertive when you are approaching your boss:

This also plays major role in approaching your boss, don’t be passive or aggressive, it would be nice if you talk calmly and in assertive manner.


  1. Plan for the one who covers your work when you will be at the conference (If necessary):


This shows you are well prepared because you are ready with a substitute to do your work in your absence. This will make a good impression on you and boss would allow you to attend the event.


  1. Get full details about the programs in the conference, note down your plans and how they will benefit you and your organization:

Know thoroughly about conference, Be Familiarized with Agenda and Speakers in conference. Understand the relevance with the conference’s theme and your business.


  1. Create a sample agenda:

Make a list of programs/workshops/sessions in the event. Get to know about each program so that you can explain your boss regarding all programs.

  1. Outline your top 3 reasons for attending:

Prepare 3 reasons why you want to attend this event which explains what are the benefits to the organisation are by attending it.


  1. Send a formal letter to your boss:

Draft a formal letter to your boss requesting permission to attend the conference with brief information about the event/conference, and expenses.

So these were some of the few tips that we could give you in convincing your leader to send you to a conference. We would also like you to look at the following blog that inspired us to post this blog.

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